Amorphous Boron


Molecular Formula :
Molecular Weight :10.81 
Chemical Element :元素硼(B) 
Content of Boron≥90-92 92-94% 
Water soluble Boron≤0.5% 0.4% 
Product introduction:Amorphous Boron is a kind of blank or brown powder .Active in chenmicl proprety .Boron is 
odourless with the density of 1.73 in the air and normal temperature it is stable ,When heated to 300℃,Amorphous 
Boron can be oxidized Whten heated to 700℃,it can be combustible and the flame takes on the color of red ,However
,the flame looks green when boron is slighely gasified 
Boron does not dissolve in water ,hydrochloric acid ,ethyl alcohol ether ,sulphuric acid,nitric aicid and moltten
metales At high temperature baron interacts with 
Oxygen nitrigen ,sulphur halogen and carbon It also combines with nany metals directly to form metal compounds
In addition ,it interacts with organic compounds to form organic baron synthesis 
Boron is applied in many fieles such as 
Metallurgicl ,electronics ceramics nuclear industy ant chemical industy It is aleso used in the melting of special
steel alloy steel Moreover boron finds its use as ignitor in igniting tubes ,neutron counter in nuclear reators and
additives in refractory materals ,Baron is the most important material to produce high purty of Baron Halide ,combustibal materia
l for rocket fuels as well as raw material of Boride. 

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